Amy Poehler

"I believe great people do things before they are ready"

I’m Ashley, owner & lead designer at paper love club. I’m a painter, calligrapher and stationer living in the ‘burbs of Chicago with my husband Zack and our golden retriever, BMO.

I’ve always been into art, and I love the freedom that comes in creating it. I believe, like Amy quotes above, that sky is the limit when it comes to your ambitions. Any reasonable adult will tell you that artist isn't a thriving career. What started as a love and talent for illustration, copying Betty and Veronica comics in elementary math class, has turned (thankfully) into a craft I’m lucky enough to call my job. Note: Yes mom I said math class, let's be real.. I didn't pay attention.

I feel incredibly fortunate that my passion for art is able to translate into stationery that brings my clients’ visions to life.