-Me, When you send me an email saying I made it.

"Oh yay I've been accepted into the Renegade Holiday show!!! I AM PUMPED"

Hello Beautiful Renegade People!

My retail line is brand new (as opposed to my wedding line) so I've yet to have a craft show display to show you. However my badass husband built me a sweet wall to use so I've sketched out what I have in mind, granted this may evolve as I'm bound to come up with new things before the holidays and am considering some on-the-spot painted ornaments for the holiday show should I be accepted. But for now, take a look at my sketchy sketch.

An Important Note! 

My instagram is a great display of my talents, but mostly in a wedding world! Make sure to check out my shop to see my full line of cards and prints as THAT'S the stuff I'll be offering at the holiday renegade show along with some Christmas goodies I'll come up with. A little preview here of what I've got for you babes & dudes.