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October 9, 2018

When to Order your Christmas Cards

I know, you don’t want to hear this in October. You’re just figuring out your costume, you’re stocking up on candy you damn well know that you’re mostly going to eat yourself instead of give to trick-or-treaters. How dare I come at you with Christmas? Don’t I have any respect?!

The truth is makers & designers have had Christmas on the mind since the summer. Our wholesale accounts have already purchased their orders & our closets are filled with ornaments ready to be customized, because that’s a biz owner mindset. Ready before you are, because you – my sweet babies – may wait till the last minute to get your holiday shopping done. God bless ya, we’ve got your back.

However when it comes with custom Christmas cards, especially photo Christmas cards, you’ve got to plan ahead. Don’t you worry darlings, I’ve prepared a timeline here for you.


Take your professional pictures.¬†Absolutely you can iPhone this sucker and have a beautiful Christmas card, however I can’t tell you the amount of times I’m handed a photo that the quality is really low and it’s blurry when printed professionally, there’s nothing I can do to make that look better. So I absolutely suggest a professional photographer (my local favorites &, or if you’re in the Colorado mountains



Order your custom Christmas cards sometime in this month. As a rule of thumb, before you cut that turkey you should have ordered your cards. This is for the organized well adjusted responsible person.

For the normal, I-was-busy-my-kids-are-making-me-crazy-someone-do-all-this-laundry-for-me person… you typically tend to order the week after Thanksgiving. I get it, totally understand. This is the absolute last week you can order your custom holiday cards from me.


Send out your Christmas cards the first week of December. You’re done, you did it, you’re amazing, take a bubble bath!

Did you wait too long? It’s ok! Don’t panic. You don’t HAVE to send out photo Christmas cards, you can choose from the box set collections and just send out a normal holiday note. Some people even prefer this option in the first place (you know, if your family is uggos or something).


Paper Love Club offers limited calligraphy service over the holiday (and slots fill up REAL fast, don’t wait too long for this one). If you choose to do calligraphy with PLC, add an additional week to your order.

Now that you know when to do your invitations, take a look at our selection of photo Christmas cards & other holiday cards. Get to it baby! After you figure out your Halloween costume of course.

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